About Product

BP Cartridge Maker is a set of tools that allows you to quickly and seamlessly charge loads to a blackpowder firearms. All components, except the screw connecting the base to the die are made of plastic. 

At present, BP Cartridge Maker is available only for the most popular caliber of .44. Wider offer of sets to produce cartridges for other calibers will apear successively.



Recommended video tutorial:

1. Place the paper under the tube and then wrap it around. Remember that the glue need to be on the opposite end and facing the inside. Moisten the glue on paper and roll.

2. The section of the roll that is not on the tube press with finger and  flaten the surface. After that fold the bent by half a turn, apply the adhesive and press on the side of the paper roll.

3. Prepared roll place in the die with the instrument. Squeeze both clips to unlock the piston, hold the funnel and then remove the piston.

4. At this stage, first pour blackpowder and then the filler.

Important, do not mix an order of the materials!

5. Use the piston to beat the blackpowder and filler. Grab the funnel to pull it up allowing the load to fill the inside of the roll. It is important to lock the tool on the piston with clips. The load inside the roll can be re-crushed by the instrument so that it is more compacted.

6. Place the lead ball inside the roll and push it with the instrument until it senses resistance.

In the case of lead balls above the dimensions (eg.457), it is recommended to wrap the tube with tape to increase the dimension of the roll.

7. The cartridge with the ball shall be closed by twisting the tip of the roll. It serves to protect it against spillage as well as to push lead ball to the cartridge.

8. The inside of finished cartridge is condensed which prevents mixing of blackpowder with the filler.

It is important to protect paper against tearing on the surface of the roll!

BP Cartridge Maker is officially registered utility model at the 
Patent Office of the Republic of Poland with a number W.126325

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